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Fun, free, full of
personality, our culture


금강산도 식후경!

When you feel peckish,
a loaf of bread is better than the song of many birds.!

Brighten Co., Ltd. is proud to offer a snack when everyone is hungry during work, sharing with the team members and refreshing the hunger passion.

Your birthday is

We celebrate the birthday of the members of Brighten Co., Ltd. together, and help them to spend a pleasant day together with a certain gift.

There is no right way to learn.

Brighten Co., Ltd. has been developing various skills by indirectly learning experiences that are lacking only in actual business, sharing knowledge with each other and improving business skills.


a new culture.

Sometimes, I have a time
when I want to leave.

People always need a break. Brighten Co., Ltd. is planning a workshop for the refreshment of team members, when it is needed, not the dates set in Korea and overseas.