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Balance of technology and sensitivity
an enterprising thought


I want to support you to grow.

We work with common sense and logic and endeavor to be able to show full potential.

  • 근면성실


    A talented person who endeavors to realize the value of individuals and corporations with diligent and sincere attitude in the best of their work.

  • 새시대 새일꾼

    New Age New Worker

    A talented person who learns new technology and grasps the flow of the new era and continually studies the direction of customers' preferences

  • 근검절약

    Thrift and saving

    A talented person who has a diligent and frugal attitude and a habit of loving and caring.

  • 배려와 협동

    Care and Cooperation

    A talented person who helps each other, takes care of each other, and puts each other's hearts together to create performance

I am confident, conflicting, knowing my authority and responsibility.

We are realizing a fair and transparent personnel policy so that members can work voluntarily.

4대 핵심가치

Four Core Values

  • 1.

    Autonomy over discipline

    We are committed to an autonomous culture built on discipline.

  • 2.

    Teamwork than Star

    It is not an organization that relies on a superior person, but a teamwork.

  • 3.

    Seriousness and wit

    We do not lose seriousness of work and solve problems clearly and witty.

  • 4.

    As good as effort

    We strive to match the process of hard work and the achievement of the result.

Position system

Brighten 's position is not an authoritative title but a general discipline according to the responsibilities of the job. It is a horizontal system that is not a vertical position that has been autonomous and customary in this framework, This leads to the company's performance.

브라이튼 직급
  • 브라이튼 직급

Support for a better life

The happiness of our members is our company's assets and we are supporting them.


teamwork is extraordinary,
Brighten Ltd

Meet your team members
who are leading a new trend
and challenging the best through freedom
in discipline rather than disorder!


Introduce the technicians who have joined together in a professional manner.